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  • Feature request / forum link broken


    Two things I wanted to mention; one a request and one a bug.

    First the request; wold it be possible to add a 'latch' time to motion sensors? E.g. I'd like to put a setting that holds the motion state for a minimum of X minutes (configurable per motion sensor) So if the motion sensor turns on, the off is delayed until this timeout. If the actual sensor re-triggers to on during this time, it resets the timeout. The vast majority of my log is motion alerts, and most of them could be simplified by a 5 minute window.

    Second, I went to post here following the 'forum' link added on the plugin management page. The link is bad, it comes out as / The front / causes it to not resolve properly.

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    For each zone including motion sensors, the panel sends both open and close messages to the plugin, so right now the plugin does not decide when to change the state to "No Motion", and I'm not sure I want to add an extra layer of complexity to the plugin so it decides when to switch to "No Motion". I will think more about it.

    Additionally maybe this latch time is configurable on your motion detectors themselves?

    If what is bothering you is the logs only, you can turn off status change logs individually for each device. Edit the device, go to the EnvisaLink tab, then check the "Do not log status change"

    Thank you for reporting the bad link, it will be fixed in the next version.


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      Hi Spud,

      I was mostly concerned with the amount of events occurring within HS, as the overall system seems catered to a low velocity of events (not that I think there really is too many here, just HS seems to get backed up easily...) The other aspect is for some zones I could tie those directly to things like hallway lights and not need another plugin or set of events if I could just slave one device to the motion device directly...