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Won't Disarm- SystemError 023 when the panel IS armed

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  • Won't Disarm- SystemError 023 when the panel IS armed

    When I "Arm Stay" i cant disarm through HS3. The Envisalink app or website work perfectly
    Ive cropped some lines from the debug log below. You will see the error on the second line (Error 23 is the error for trying to disarm when the panel is disarmed but the panel IS armed- Panel shows its armed and the log below shows that too)

    Oct-23 20:14:49 DEBUG Request: PartitionDisarmControl 11234
    Oct-23 20:14:49 DEBUG SystemError 023

    Oct-23 20:16:01 DEBUG Request: Poll
    Oct-23 20:16:01 DEBUG CommandAcknowledge 000
    Oct-23 20:17:19 DEBUG PartitionArmed 11
    Oct-23 20:17:19 INFO Partition 1 status change: Armed Stay
    Oct-23 20:17:20 DEBUG KeypadLedStatePartition1Only 81
    Oct-23 20:17:20 DEBUG UserOpening 10040
    Oct-23 20:17:20 INFO Disarmed by user #40
    Oct-23 20:17:20 DEBUG PartitionDisarmed 1

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    What panel do you have?
    Could you restart the plugin (Disable/Enable) then Arm Stay from HS3, then try to Disarm from HS3, and post the full debug logs here.


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      Thankyou for responding promptly.
      I have a DSC 1832 with Envisalink 4
      I just did the disable/enable and the partition now arms and disarms in stay mode without issue.
      I had already disabled/enabled a couple of times prior to contacting the forum so I dont know how to explain that.
      Ive attached the log as requested
      Thanks for your help
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