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Bypass Devices, DSC User IDs

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  • Bypass Devices, DSC User IDs

    Just starting with this plugin...
    I couldn't get the bypass additional devices to show up. Took me a lot of failed changes and reboots to figure out that "Do Not Create Missing Devices" must be unchecked for "Create Additional Devices for Zone Bypass Status" to work. Would be good to add that to the User Guide.

    I would like to hide unused zones... can the "Do Not Create Missing Devices" be checked after the additional bypass status devices are created or can the two options not coexist?

    I don't understand the function of the DSC User ID fields assigned to HS network users. Are these used somehow for event triggers or show up in the "armed/disarmed by" status? I'm now seeing User Access device as "disarmed by user #40"... I don't know where the "40" comes from (?).

    I'm liking this plugin!!

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    As I recall if you have one-touch arming enabled for the keypads User40 is assigned to that. If you have the correct IDs entered in the PI you should see their codes appear when they arm or disarm using their user codes.


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      Thanks... so the number to be entered to the plugin config for "DSC User ID" is the two digit "DSC Program User Code" (01-95) and not the 4 to 6 digit "User Code" that the user enters to the keypad to disarm the panel? From the Installation Guide: Program User Codes are 01-39, 41-95 for "General User Codes" and 40 for "Master Code".