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Envisalink plug in and DSC Java server

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  • Envisalink plug in and DSC Java server

    I've used the DSC Server app (Java) for a number of years to allow multiple connections to the Envisalink V3 and it's worked rather well. I'm in the process of migrating my HA from Vera to Homeseer and need to add the port number of my DSC Server instance to the PI configuration. When I simply add :4025 to the end of my LAN IP I get the error:
    EnvisaLink ERROR No such host is known . Is there a way I can specify the port number? Thanks.

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    The EnvisaLink server listens on port 4025, so this port number is hard coded in the plugin, you can't change it.

    If your DSC java server runs on the same port, it should work by just entering the local ip of this server, no need to specify the port


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      Excellent, thank you! I had copied the port syntax from my Vera. All is good now.