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DSC Invert Open vs Close status backwards

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    DSC Invert Open vs Close status backwards

    This should have been posted in BLRadar as a question not here.... Sorry!!! if it can be moved to the other forum great.....

    Starting to work on setting up Events...I have an odd situation It seems my virtual device signal is backwards....

    I created a virtual device but it doesn't trigger correctly

    If I open the door in HS4 it will not register until the door is closed. How do I swap this I don't need to wait until the door is closed to register an action ... What am I missing?

    I setup an event to trigger if the door open but it doesn't show up unitl I close the door.

    Unfortunately it only works when you actually closed the door from an opened position this will not work as intended..

    To test this I deleted the virtual device and it shows correctly as door = Closed and door = Open .... but if i recreate the device I only get the closed indication.