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  • Partition not ready

    Hi spud,

    After a long first day programming my new DSC 1832, I have one wireless zone, the Envisalink module and your plugin installed.

    I don't think this really has anything to do with the plugin, I just don't know what it means.

    My RFK5500 keypad shows no errors and the alarm sets normally and triggers as expected.

    Do you have any ideas what "not ready" on the partition means?

    Many thanks!

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    Partition not ready means the partition is not ready to be armed, usually it means one zone is opened.

    But from you screenshot, it looks like the devices are never set (last change column shows "never set"), so it seems that the plugin doesn't get any info from your panel, and what you see are just the default values.

    Could you try set the log level setting to debug, restart HS, then open and close a zone to see if HS is notified of the change and then paste the log here?


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      Thanks for your instant assistance.

      My bad. I neglected to restart HS after entering the Envisalink IP and password, as the setup screen plainly states.

      All good now and thanks again!


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        I guess I do need a bit more help.

        Several times now when I try to arm / disarm the panel, the HS status for Partition 1 does not change.

        The debug log shows "DEBUG Request: PartitionDisarmControl 18038" followed by "DEBUG SystemError 023".

        I also tried the Envisalink local web interface and it arms / disarms OK.

        Thanks for any help you can provide.
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          System Error 023 means you are trying to disarm a partition which is not armed. So I guess this is what you get when you click on the disarm button?

          But what do you get in the logs, when you try to arm?

          Also, in HS2 you need to refresh the page to see the partition device status change.

          FYI, you can get the meanings of the system error codes in the pdf attached to the first post of this thread:


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            I'm going to take a day to further test. It all seems OK now.

            I am so new with the DSC hardware that I fear my inexperience may be wasting your time.

            This is all still on the test bench and is not at all critical.

            I really appreciate your help and I will let you know how it goes.