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Envisalink setup in HS Touch

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  • Envisalink setup in HS Touch

    I'm trying to setup a screen for my DSC security system using the Envisalink plugin. The issue I have is that I want to use custom graphics to represent 'armed', 'alarm', 'ready to arm', and zone status.

    If I place an image onto the screen in the designer, and then attempt to assign custom images in the StatusImage section, noting appears. Also, the only options for status in this item are 'on', 'off', 'dim, and 'unknown'. I am assuming that on and off would correlate with open and close, as it relates to a zone status, but what about the various partition status (armed away, armed stay, entry/exit delay, alarm, disarmed ready, disarmed not ready, etc.)?

    Any thoughts on this? I also posted in the HS Touch forum but thought I would ask here as well...

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    I used values for open and closed instead of status.
    In my case 0 for closed and 1 for opened worked.
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      Here are the possible values for zone and partition devices in latest version:

      • Closed = 0
      • Opened = 1

      • Not Ready = 0
      • Ready = 1
      • Armed Away = 2
      • In Alarm = 3
      • Busy = 4
      • Ready - Force Arming Enabled = 5
      • Armed Stay = 6
      • Armed Away - Zero Entry Delay = 7
      • Armed Stay - Zero Entry Delay = 8

      Hope this helps


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        Thanks, guys. This is what I needed.