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Envisalink DSC Plugin (3P) and DscServer (Java) error

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  • Envisalink DSC Plugin (3P) and DscServer (Java) error

    Hello thank you for the plugin !
    I'm trying it ( v )
    but y have an error using it with DscServer (Java) v2.1.12 (for more than one client connection )

    debug :
    oct.-17 21:06:14 EnvisaLink INFO Connection Lost, will try to reconnect in 10 seconds
    oct.-17 21:06:14 EnvisaLink
    oct.-17 21:06:14 EnvisaLink ERROR ERROR, unknown commandvalue: 908
    oct.-17 21:06:14 EnvisaLink DEBUG Could not parse time from data = 908Java DscServer 2.1.1216
    and the plugin don't work can you help me ?
    ( i'm on trial period )
    thank you !

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    Does it work when you try to connect directly to the EnvisaLink interface (without the java server)?

    This java server sends a non standard command 908, that the plugin doesn't understand, and then there is a bug that make it disconnect instead of simply ignoring this command.

    I just made a fix, could you try version attached.
    You should still see a warning saying that 908 is an unknown command, but the plugin should work normally after that.

    one weird thing is that another user tested this java server, and said it worked fine even with the error, see this thread:
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      Yes , it work connected directly to the EnvisaLink interface ,without the java server
      But I use the java sever for connect android DscKeypad clients
      I have see the other thread I dont know if it is the java or android server , i see it's not the same version (2.1.7)

      But with this new beta it 's ok for me , just the warning:
      WARNING Unknown command value = 908
      but it work !
      Thank you very much !