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Looking for a way to trap th quick exit featue

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  • Looking for a way to trap th quick exit featue

    Good day Spud,

    I'm looking for a way to open a light when somebody use the "quick exit" feature on my keypad.
    After trying some possibility without success I wonder what is the trick... if there is one.

    The Quick Exit function, if enabled, will allow someone to leave an armed premises through a Delay type zone without having to disarm and re-arm the system.

    Ideas welcome.

    By the way after several month I got absolutely no bug with my configuration with the java server and your plugin. A real hit.

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    set the log level to Debug then capture what is sent to the plugin when you use the "quick exit" feature.
    I don't see a specific "quick exit" command in the docs, but maybe we can figure something out with the logs.


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      Really interesting;
      Nov-19 16:53:38 EnvisaLink DEBUG ZoneOpen 001
      Nov-19 16:53:41 EnvisaLink DEBUG ZoneRestored 001
      Nov-19 16:53:41 EnvisaLink DEBUG PartitionArmed 11

      This is after using the Quick Exit.
      So there is nothing special to trap because the zone can open anytime without being in armed state.

      Pressing the quick exit button didn't bring any other debug

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