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Socket errors for ~ 2 minutes after HS3 start

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  • Socket errors for ~ 2 minutes after HS3 start

    Hi Spud,

    It seems every time I start HS3, I get the following error for about 2 minutes:
    EnvisaLink ERROR Receiver::Run() A socket error has occured: Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
    Followed with:
    EnvisaLink INFO Connection Lost, will try to reconnect in 10 seconds
    Then it successfully connects and all is fine.

    Given the EVL-3 only accepts a single connection on port 4025, could it be that the socket from the previous HS session is still opened on the EVL end? Should HS or the plugin be closing it? I do shut down HS gracefully.

    No big deal, but I do have to go back everytime into the log and ensure it's HS startup related.

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    I'm not at home, so I can't test it right now on my system but the plugin, if shut down properly, is supposed to close the socket on its end.
    Probably, the EVL interface does not immediately close the socket on its end.
    I will confirm when I'm back home in January


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      Besides the Envisalink error, I also get an timeout error from the Insteon plugin: at Insteon.Support.Hub.SocketPortClass.GetBuffer(), but he retries and all goes well.

      I assume it's HS actually doing the 'physical' IO to the socket. If so, it sure looks like HS hasn't finished setting up the socket request.