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Possible to show status of zones that use resistors?

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  • Possible to show status of zones that use resistors?

    Can the Envisalink plugin report the status in device manager for OPEN TAMPER and SHORTED TAMPER conditions? I looked at the log after disconnecting a zone and I can only see it reporting a zone open even though I am using DEOL resistors.

    How would I determine the status/state values for the devices different conditions or states ?

    I added a new state called "Tamper" selected the default value of 2 for the state and added an image for the same condition/state number but I don't see how that would work if the data stream does not show tampers.

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    there is no Tamper status for a zone device, so you can't see this information at the device level.

    but there is a "Zone Tamper" and a "Zone Tamper Restore" triggers. So you could set up an event to detect a tamper and do whatever you want when one is detected.