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Script - Better string for partition 1 in Envisalink

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  • Script - Better string for partition 1 in Envisalink

    Here is a little script that will change the Partition device text string from "Not Ready"
    to "Open zones: Entry door, main-room window left".

    This is also great for HSTouch:

    Copy the attached script in your /script directory.
    rename it to "Envisalink_string_update.vb" by removing ".txt" (or use any other name with .vb)
    Trigger in an event:
    IF EnvisaLink Receives Message: Zone Open
    Zone = Any
    OR IF EnvisaLink Receives Message: Zone Restored
    Zone = Any

    You can also set the script to update either the Envisalink Partition device, or another device. See instructions by editing the script.

    I still think this could be a nice native feature for Envisalink plugin, you may ask Spud the same if you like it...
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    Thanks for this!

    In the same event, after running this script I send myself the Partition Device Text String through Google hangouts (with BBMessenger plugin) and get immediate notification on my cellphone of everything that happens at home.


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      That seems like a great little script that SHOULD be built right into the app!
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