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Can I differentiate between armed stay and away?

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  • Can I differentiate between armed stay and away?

    I just switched to HomeSeer from using the ISY994 and with my DSC alarm on it it knew the difference between armed stay and away. I don't see that when using the Envisalink as a trigger in events though. I have when Partition is Armed as a trigger which works fine as expected, but it doesn't seem to differential between stay and away. The plugin itself seems to as I can arm it as stay or away from HS3, but is there any way trigger wise to differentiate them?

    Reason I ask is because I have programs set to do things based on if we aren't home, and the way I know that is if the alarm is armed in away mode, since stay mode means we are there at night. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    you can use the partition device and "A device changes and becomes" trigger, this way you can create an event like:

    IF "envisalink partition" changes and becomes "Armed away"