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Event is triggered every 4 min from DSC status

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  • Event is triggered every 4 min from DSC status

    Envisalink receives the following status from DCS every 4 minutes:
    Log: EnvisaLink INFO Partition 1 status change: Armed Stay

    This causes the following event to run each time:
    IF EnvisaLink Partition 1 had its value set to Armed Stay
    Then Send an Email to

    What is the proper way to configure the basic arming and disarming events so they're not triggered every 4 minutes?


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    use the trigger "Device changes and becomes" instead of "Device had its value set"


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      Thank you, I'll make the change and test it this evening when I am home.

      On another note, I think I read in another thread that you have fewer events created for DSC and handle most activity through script for each of these events. If you don't prefer to share the script due to personal customization of your own security, can you provide some direction on the few events and what type of activity is consolidated to each event?