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Need help with disarming

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    Need help with disarming

    Thanks for the excellent plugin, it has been working like a champ.

    My question revolves around a virtual device that I have created.
    I have an event that triggers when my virtual device is turned on or off.

    When it is turned on I want my system to arm and when it is turned off I want it to disarm. The arming part works flawlessly, i have the event use your Envisilink 'Arm' trigger. When I go to trigger your 'Disarm' trigger, it momentarily turns the 'green checkmark' on, then back to a 'red armed' status on the keypad for my DSC. I have temporarily resolved this by sending my 4 digit disarm code with your 'Send string to keypad' trigger. This disarms successfully.

    I'm a little neurotic, and would like the disarm to work, by only sending your disarm trigger; what am I doing wrong?

    Thank you for your time.

    do you have the same problem when you try to disarm using the "Disarm" button attached to the partition device?

    could you set the log level to debug, and capture the problem?

    is your "disarm code" the code you set up in the "Master code" field of the config page?