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Upgrading from IT100 and homeseer DSC plugin

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    Upgrading from IT100 and homeseer DSC plugin

    I have a few questions:
    1. Does this board replace the IT100, by connecting this on the keybus in its place and then allowing access via Ethernet rather than serial port, and does the alarm need programming to allow this or can I just switch them out?
    2. Is it available in the UK? The sites selling it seem to be needing US.
    3. Is there a comparison between this plugin and the homeseer DSC plugin?
    4. Aside from finally making the 56 beta live there's been no development of the DSC plugin in years which is really annoying having paid for it. Is the support for this any better (appreciate it is 3P, but that makes it more likely to drop out of support)?
    5. Almost all my events relate in some way to DSC statuses. Is this upgrade going to be as much as I think it is? Any advice on best way to step through?


    1. You can run both on the same panel. The both connect to the keybus and no specific difference there.

    2. Unsure, but it will be the same board no matter where you buy from.

    5. Run them concurrently and progressively migrate as desired.


      3. Not exactly a comparison between this plugin and the homeseer DSC plugin, but this thread has a lot of good information

      4. For what it's worth, I do NOT plan to go anywhere or drop support anytime soon. I personally use this plugin at home, so that's another good reason to keep supporting it.


        Thanks both for the replies. Really helpful.

        One follow-up - how do I run them both and migrate progressively? As in gradually remove some zones from one and add them on the other?


          Upgrading from IT100 and homeseer DSC plugin

          1. You wire both to the keybus either in series or parallel.
          2. For the IT100 continue using the current HST app with the current configuration.
          3. Implement the Envisalink app which will create new devices matching your configuration.
          4. As time permits and as you desire update events to implement new devices or add an "or" with new device.

          I hope that helps.
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            I've just installed the Envisalink 4 and the plugin. I'm trying to migrate myself but none of the events I create that trigger on "EnvisaLink Trigger" and "Zone Open" are working.

            Is there a trick to being able to act on windows opening or motion sensors sensing motion?