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    Hello Spud

    Night Arm is activated after you have activated Stay Arm.
    Is there anyway to easily do this, either by an event or adding a button to the plugin's partition page?

    I believe night arm is a keypad command - I use the touch screen by my front door which has a night arm button. Currently it is no use as I dont have a keypad upstairs and want to use my HSTouch which would be very cool.

    I took this from a post which is correct and same for me:

    So on a PTK5507 with version 1.1 the path to Night Arming with the icons is as follows
    1. Press Stay Arm icon
    2. Time delay displays (90 seconds on my system)
    3. After delay system shows Stay Arm as status
    3. Press Night Arm icon
    4. Panel beeps and then displays System Busy
    5. Either click OK or wait a few seconds and the dialog disappears
    6. The system is in time delay (45 seconds) but there are no indicators
    7. The status still reads Stay Arm
    8. After time delay is over the status changes to Away Arm (whether I have night zones configured or not)

    I think for part 3 you can also type: *1 for the same.

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    Any thoughts?


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      Once in armed stay mode, try to send *1 using an event and the EnvisaLink Action: "Send Keystroke String"


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        Hi Spud

        Thank you, this works - it is a shame DSC do not represent the it as Night Mode and that it shows as Away Armed.

        All I can think of is a virtual device "Night Arm"
        which toggles on - on this event.
        which toggles off - on arm stay; disarm and ready arm.....