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    Hi Spud

    My trials are due to run out; I was wondering if you have a discount code for purchasing multiple plugin's of yours?


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    As of now there is no discount code for my plugins, sorry.


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      You don't need to be sorry; I can see they are good with great support.
      I will probably wait to see if the cost changes or the exchange rate drop improves, there is a few I want!
      Appreciate you responding though.


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        +1 exchange rates are holding me back on a few plugins. A sale would be very nice.

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          With the cost of hardware, the cost of the plug-ins as well as even the cost of the HomeSeer software is but a very small portion of the true cost of a complete automation system.

          I also wouldn't want to take a penny from the proceeds going to the developers, their reimbursement for their time is quite modest, after they give up a portion of the sale to HST. Now if HomeSeer wanted to cut their commission for a plug-in sale I would like that, because it doesn't cost the developers.
          Randy Prade
          Aurora, CO

          PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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            I don't think I have disputed the effort which has gone in.
            I have said in multiple posts to Spud that I appreciate what has been done and still do.
            And I have commended the effort constantly and where possible even highlighted minor bugs.

            However for me; my request was for a discount for five of his plugins in a purchase; for me it is the case that 5 costs a lot of money together - I can buy software packages for similar costs but these are just plugin's... I guess would be OK when buying a single one, but I want five so are a bit out of my willing price range.
            Additionally, one of these plugins I just use just to recognise a text string, and I only use the plugin for one single event - so I want to pay a fair amount.

            Regardless of the price of a full automation system - I never specified I wanted a full automation system and I doubt HS3 comes close to the ones I have seen in the very good online videos (which will only ever be a daydream for me!); the customer support certainly isn't there. So I do not think your comparison is really appropriate here; I only want to pay a set amount which I think is reasonable and can agree WITH the developer. What I have done is asked for a discount for the quantity and according to HST - they do not govern it or the costs, so I don't know where you have got commision from - but it certainly was not what they told me and indeed they encouraged me to contact the developer. Which is what I have done..?

            I don't want these for free, I have made voluntary donations to people in the past for helping me, and I don't think asking the question for a discount is unreasonable.
            I am not upset with the 'no'.
            I certainly don't feel like I am being unreasonable Randy - what could have been agreed for 5, I am sure would still count as modest, your comments wouldn't sway me to pay 5 high prices for plugin's.

            If these costs change in the future - please give me a shout.
            They are very good without doubt.

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              I would agree to do discount for multiple plugins purchase, but the problem is that I don't think the HS store can handle this kind of things. I, as a 3rd party developer, do not have any control over the store or the creation of licenses for my plugins (I'm not even notified when someone buy one of my plugin).
              I know that HST plan to update the software they use for the store, so I'm going to see with them how we can setup these kind of things in the future.

              Randy is right, HST takes a commission on every plugin sale.
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                Originally posted by smokeycoles View Post
                Regardless of the price of a full automation system


                they do not govern it or the costs, so I don't know where you have got commision from

                My response was not actually directed at your post, it was more of a general observation prompted by Triggles post that caused me to respond. My apologies for the confusion.

                While HomeSeer doesn't set the plug-in pricing, they charge a minimum fee or a percentage of the plug-in cost, whichever is greater. It is not up to me to disclose these amounts, but they are not insignificant.

                As Spud said above, the developers have virtually no control over the sales mechanism through the HomeSeer store, they can only set a price.
                Randy Prade
                Aurora, CO

                PHLocation - Pushover - EasyTrigger - UltraECM3 - Ultra1Wire3 - Arduino


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                  This is what part of my response said discussing the multiple plugin discount (I initially thought they managed the costs).

                  The prices of our 3rd party plugins are set by their authors, and if you wanted to look into a discount, then you may contact them on the forum ( ).

                  Hence doing what they mentioned.
                  The Commission was not discussed but I think I am beginning to realise why plugins can be used which are not stated in the managed plugins section. Its just made worse that I don't think HST were very supportive in helping which was really disappointing after just buying HS3 and HSTouch.
                  I am OK to wait until something can be sorted in the future.
                  It's just a shame as I love having Nest, Xbmc, Envisalink most.

                  No worries Randy; sorry back.

                  I am in unknown territory 'expired" but will backup all my directory as I'm a bit worried my events may mess up or I will loose devices. And there's no documentation to say what happens.

                  I'll subscribe to the post and hope something works out with you and the store


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                    The discount, total costs and return of investment have made their way into several threads recently:

                    HS3 vs HS3PRO
                    HS Open Source
                    HS discounts exclude 3P plugins.

                    Every response has a similar theme, HS3 in itself has capped capabilities and HST do not do enough plug in development; especially WRT HS3PRO... All of which is subjective to the author's own use cases.

                    The cost factors are always going to be a dividing line on your decision to buy and the higher the total costs, the less people are going to use discretionary funds whereby, lower plug in cost may target more incentives for otherwise reluctant buying and investment in HA. Lower cost normally increase volume of sale and it would be interesting how HST come out of their sales, what increase they resulted in.... Otherwise why have them!

                    And, the response referred in the forum here are also reflected on other forums; especially the total cost of ownership and the high costs for plug in are reflected on other forums too.

                    The facts on 3P are clear and transparent for all to read.



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                      Hi Spud

                      Is this likely to happen?
                      I have sent another email saying you have agreed in principle and I have requested if they would consider creating a custom payment but this is of course if you are OK with it. I have PM'd you.

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                        Just wanted to pass my thanks on here.
                        5 great plugins all working.
                        Thank you