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EnvisaLink Trigger on Zone Open doesn't work....

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    I'm wondering if this is such a new version that anyone has tested it with HS3 as well?


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      I don't think the problem is the EnvisaLink firmware, a lot of users are successfully running the HS3 plugin with a EVL4

      I would need to fire my old HS2 install to debug (which I' m a bit reluctant to). Since the devices are correctly updating can' t you use that to triggers your events instead of using the specific EnvisaLink triggers?


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        Well something happened which I hope provides a clue.

        I changed the event to "Device Status Change"

        In the "Status:" dropdown, there is just one that works and that is "Set Any Status" But it fires when the zone opens and closes. I tried "Set On" and no luck.

        Also even if that worked there doesn't appear to be a way to trap:

        Alarm Armed Away
        Alarm Armed Stay
        AC Panel Fualt
        TLM Fault

        and about a half dozen other DSC events that I use that don't seem to have corresponding devices analogs.


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          It's clear from the logs that your parsing the Envisalink protocol correctly as each event is seen and logged in plain english.

          So the problem must be further upstream where you're mapping parsed high level notifications/events to event trigger API.