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ComWIFI - Obsolescence

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    ComWIFI - Obsolescence

    Hey All,

    Just thought I would drop a quick post in here to let people know that I got an email from Texecom to say that the ComWIFI module is going to be made obsolete. They have replaced it with the SmartCom interface.

    Unfortunately the SmartCom is the new WI-FI interface however it does not work with the plugin.

    I had to add a ComWIFI module to my system in addition to the existing SmartCom in order to integrate it with Honeseer.

    Anyone thinking of having a Wi-fi link to their system might want to grab one of the ComWIFI modules before they become unavailable.



    Hi Jay.

    I'm just considering getting a Texecom alarm, since UK alarms that integrate with HomeSeer seem to be very thin on the ground.

    I'm a bit hazy though on how today's Texecom systems integrate with HomeSeer. The HomeSeer webpage ( says you need: a USB or Serial interface such as the “Texecom JAA-0001 PC-COM Serial Interface Connector” or the “Texecom JAC-0001 PC-USB Serial Interface Connector”. I suspect that both of these are now obsolete, and I couldn't see that either would enable TCP/IP communications, which is what I am looking for.

    Are the WiFi interfaces you mention the means to integrate Texecomm with HomeSeer via TCP/IP connection? Do you know if the ComWiFi modules are still available anywhere?