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Zone Text and Outputs?

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    Zone Text and Outputs?

    I bought this plugin recently, and have been using it for a few weeks. I have 3 questions.

    1. Can the plug bring through the zone text (eg "Hall-Pir") as the name of the device?

    2. Can I add on/off buttons to a Zone and switch it high or low from HS?

    2. Any plans to add "outputs" to the plugin? I have some outputs defined as "armed" indicators for particular areas, and bell outputs, and fire outputs. It would be nice to bring these into HS.



    In respect of your questions:

    1) Interesting idea. I will see if the API allows for that.

    2) No. Zone status is read-only. I am planning to incorporate functionality to bypass zones though

    3) Yes. Once I get some spare time in the diary this will be added.

    Please note for all of the above you will need a second COM port on your panel.

    The first COM port uses the "Crestron" protocol which allows for instant zone updates.

    The second COM port will then use the "Simple" protocol. This does not have instant zone updates but exposes much wider functionality.

    I'm not sure which version of the plug-in you installed, but in the beta section of the updater is a version that already supports the Simple protocol. This one exposes more info from the panel than you have with the standard version (but not yet what you are asking for).
    Nicolai L


      Thanks for the reply. I have the premier 44 which has 2 com ports. Both of these have cables on them and are attached into HS. One of them is used for Wintex, and the other is configured as Crestron and connects to the plugin. Would I still be able to use Wintex with both ports grabbed by the plugin as you describe? Could you make it easy to 'release' the Wintex port so that we can switch between plugin and Wintex without disabling the plugin?


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        I see where you are coming from. I can look to build in a connect/disconnect Simple port at some point. That should do what you are after.

        In the meantime you might be able to achieve something similar by going to the Simple protocol tab on the PI and setting the COM port to NONE. This should disconnect the port and allow you to use Wintex. Then when you are ready you go back and set the COM port to the correct value.

        Give it a shot and let me know if that works.
        Nicolai L