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    Good to know the login is working. If that's working then the rest should work unless they changed the API. I'll pull all the exceptions uploaded in the past day and see if I see a common thread. I'm assuming you've already tried stopping the plugin and starting it again with no help. Also, when you get a chance, click the submit debug data button in the plugin settings and I'll look at the debug dump also.


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      Originally posted by lsvortex View Post
      And then just like that, it starts working again.
      I checked the exception logs that get uploaded to my logging server and from what I saw, the commands being sent to the server were all correct, but the server was returning "Internal Server Error 500".


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        Hard to say what is going on. With the standard polling frequency on the PI it certainly hits the server a lot more than any phone app would. It would be pretty easy for them to throttle us back. I think I am going to put a tilt sensor on my doors and step back on the polling. I am even thinking of rigging up a garage door opener with a z-wave relay so I have a backup if this does ever go down for good. I use the garage door opening for a lot of automated tasks so I need it working.


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          I actually use an X-10 universal module and DS10 for closure indication. Been using that for about 10 years between my last house and present.
          No need to use a cloud service for that...

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