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Door status on HS Touch, iOS

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    Door status on HS Touch, iOS

    For some reason, the MyQ device status graphic is the only graphic so far that does not display on HS Touch, my iOS iPad app...

    Bizarre in that

    1. I see the status graphic on the Designer app - shows just fine when I place it on a scene
    2. When I deploy to iOS - status graphic is blank no matter what the status actually is
    3. Other status graphics using the same pictures on other devices work fine
    4. I have taken another status graphic that works fine and changed it to the MyQ and in all cases, not showing on iOS

    Is anyone using the device status graphic successfully on iOS HS Touch?


    I got it working, but I had to change the status graphics to the series


    For some reason, the status graphics directory as the default is not working in iOS? Strange, but I suppose I am good now...