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MyQ garage devices altered randomly

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  • MyQ garage devices altered randomly

    All my Garage Auto-close events stopped working. Major problems.

    1. Investigation shows that HS3 ref numbers for MyQ garage doors are NOT valid anymore. This means that MyQ garage "devices" were erased and recreated with new ref numbers randomly out of my control. I never did it.

    2. Some of MyQ garage door "devices" have altered personality missing states 4 and 5 (see the screenshot below).

    3. The devices with altered personality do not show properly in event (see the second screenshot) where "open" is missing. All I have is "close" in the even management.

    Disabling and re-enabling the plug-in doesn't help.
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    This is HUGE problem for me. Pls. help ASAP.

    In an attempt to help myself I did this

    1. Disabled MyQ plug-in
    2. Deleted ALL MyQ devices from HS3.
    3. Restarted HS3.
    4. Enabled MyQ plug-in.

    After enabling MyQ re-created the garage doors devices automatically all crippled - missing some states such as 4 and 5 (opening, closing) and showing all the problems listed above, incl. event setup.
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      Since you've deleted all the devices, I assume it has rediscovered them all. The states for open/opening/closing will be missing until the plugin sees each device actually open/close for the first time. This is because different models of openers have different codes for open/close/etc. The plugin learns the states dynamically the first time it sees the door open/close.


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        Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, indeed it did work. The devices are back to normal now and I have re-written the events to reflect the "new" old devices.
        The only thing that remains a mystery now is how did they all disappear in the first place causing all my related events reporting "ref number non existing for the device".


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