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MyQ - Can I Control a MyQ LED Light?

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  • MyQ - Can I Control a MyQ LED Light?

    I've installed the MyQ plugin for HS3 and I am able to properly control my garage door opener using various methods through fine. I also have a bundled MyQ LED light that is very bright and paired with my LiftMaster garage door opener, unfortunately, paired doesn't mean that it comes on when the garage door is opened. The LiftMaster folks think that I'd like to use their app to turn this light on and off or maybe that I'd pay a monthly subscription fee to be able to have my device usable via IFTTT. Neither one of those is a viable option for me.

    I could set up an X-10 or ZWave light and create an event if the MyQ garage door is open, but since I have this MyQ LED light, I'd like to be able to use it.

    In the HS3 MyQ plugin, the MyQ hub, MyQ garage door opener and MyQ LED light are all visible, but only the garage door shows up in my Device List. Is the LED light capable of being controlled by HS3 as well? I'd like the ability to link opening of the garage door with the LED light being on for a set period of time.

    Thanks to the app creator for creating an HS3 plugin - I blew a gasket when I saw that LiftMaster wanted to charge a subscription fee for IFTTT functionality after I paid a pretty penny for their crappy opener. At least with the HS3 app, I'm able to actually control the door without a big hassle.

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    At this time only Garage doors are supported.


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      Understood! Thanks for the quick reply!!