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  • Communication problem

    Having an odd problem with MyQ. Plugin installed fine and credentials are good, I can open and close the door from Homeseer. I can’t seem to get information back from the garage door opener. For example when the door is opening I want to turn on a light. However the event doesn’t trigger. If I manual push play on my event, it works fine. But when using the trigger “when garage door opening” nothing happens when the door opens. Any thoughts.

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    Couple of things to help me troubleshoot.

    1: Make sure the "Forum Name" setting in the plugin is set to "feobrien"
    2: Click the "Submit Debug Data" button in the settings, do this with the door open and the door closed.
    3: Let me know when this is done and I'll pull the report from the centralized error reporting system I setup and see if I can spot the problem.