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Attention Linux Users

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  • Attention Linux Users

    What's going on?
    • Sometime in June, the engineers running the MyQ API web server made some security changes to their server(s). These security changes implemented tougher encryption protocols for the traffic from the web client to the server. This change affects Linux users that are running older versions of the Mono framework. This page is to help you all understand the change, the effects, and what part you play in it.

    Why is my plugin broken?
    • If running an unsupported Mono version, the plugin is unable to properly decrypt the traffic returning from the server.

    When will you have a fix?
    • This is nothing I can fix, the problem exists in the old Mono versions that are installed on some Linux machines. It would be similar to if, there was a bug in the HomeSeer software, I would not be able to fix it as I do not own the code to make the necessary changes.

    What is Mono?
    • Mono is a Linux port of the Microsoft Windows .Net framework. This framework is the programming foundation that all HomeSeer software is built on. Every HomeSeer app, and plugin are all dependent on the .Net framework on Windows and Mono on Linux, without it, nothing would work at all.

    What are my options?
    • You have two options at this point. You can either update the Mono version that is running on your Linux machine, or you can switch your entire installation to Windows.

    How do I update my Mono version?
    • This depends a lot on the version of Linux you're running. There are specific instructions for installing Here:
    • If you're already followed those and still have an old version of Mono, you can try the following commands:
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install --only-upgrade mono-complete

    How do I know what Linux distro I have?
     lsb_release -a

    How do I check my Mono version?
    mono --version

    Which version of Mono do I need?
    • The plugin is known to work with the latest version and the latest version is Anything past that will also work. The problem stems from the lack of TLS 1.2 support, which was officially launched in Mono 4.8

    I'm not tech tech savvy at all, what do I do?
    • I suggest you give it a shot and come to the forums if you cannot get it to work. Or enlist the help of a friend that is.

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