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Upgrading to mono5 on old Zee S2

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  • Upgrading to mono5 on old Zee S2

    Attempting to upgrade to mono version 5 on my Zee S2. Even using, it fails to update from mono-3.2.8, citing unmet dependencies. Apparently the homeseer script wasn't expecting a version of mono earlier than 4.2. Can post the very long output of that script if anyone is interested. I posted it to Homeseer support, and am content to wait and see if they have an answer.

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    Maybe this can help, not sure.

    1. be su:
      sudo -i
    2. list all the packages from the mono repository (into file pkg1):
      grep ^Package: /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Packages > pkg1
    3. extract just the package names (into file pkg2):
      sed -e 's/^.*Package: //' pkg1 > pkg2
    4. (optional but I wanted to do that anyway) remove duplicate package names from different architectures and put definitive list of packages to search for and remove in pkg3:
      awk '!seen[$0]++' pkg2 > pkg3
    5. (optional, for check) count the lines in the files (one line = one package) to see what happened:
      wc -l pkg1 and wc -l pkg2 and wc -l pkg3
    6. remove packages listed in pkg3:
      apt purge $(cat pkg3)
    1. Then install new mono version

      	sudo apt install apt-transport-https dirmngr gnupg ca-certificates
      	sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv-keys 3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF
      	echo "deb stable-raspbianstretch main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mono-official-stable.list
      	sudo apt update

     sudo apt install mono-devel -y ; sudo apt install mono-complete -y ; sudo apt install mono-xsp4 -y ; sudo apt install mono-vbnc -y


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      mad scripting skills @MattLo! That did remove the rest of mono. Same failed dependencies remain, of which libc6 seems to be the root. I'm also getting these 404 errors when I do "sudo apt-get update". Should I be?
      Err wheezy/main armhf Packages
        404  Not Found
      Err wheezy/contrib armhf Packages
        404  Not Found
      Err wheezy/non-free armhf Packages
        404  Not Found
      Err wheezy/rpi armhf Packages
        404  Not Found


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        I am not linux expert , but search a lot on google lol.

        Seems like it can the raspbian wheeze repo? Or a netowrk issue? I would restart the pi?

        One time what i did to completly remove all trace if mono of my system was to download mlocate

         sudo apt update ; sudo apt-get install mlocate
        Then type
         sudo updatedb
        then type locate mono (then rm -rf all the package relate to mono , but be attentive)

        do the same with locate xamarin

        maybe in your case you can locate libc6? Do not know that package.


        you can also type : sudo whereis mono

        and then rm -rf all what it finds.

        —-wheezy is Quite old . Maybe try to change your ppa ? Search on the web how to update to stretch (or buster?)

        maybe others can help here


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          It’s worth nothing trying to run that command Too.

          sudo apt remove --purge --auto-remove mono-runtime

          and/or retry to rerun the script from homeseer to update the zee