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Opening, closing and status of Liftmaster Garage Door

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  • Opening, closing and status of Liftmaster Garage Door

    I'm new to Homeseer and I had a Liftmaster WLED garage door opener installed today and got the myQ plug in. Everything loaded correctly and Google Home synced with Homeseer and I see the WLED opener in my list and I can open and close the garage door BUT I have to say to Google "Turn the garage door ON" or "Turn the garage door OFF" to get Google to open and close the door. Also asking for status of the door doesn't work with Google. Is there a way to make Google use open, close and status vs On or Off? I don't see a way in Homeseer to do this. Thanks, in advance, John

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    since no one answered, I would like to tell you that I added a routine in google home to say "open the little garage door" and it just opened! I struggle with this because I would prefer to do keep all the event management in one place for home automation. I have not exactly figured out how to do it in Homeseer, but I am glad that I can tell google to open the door for me. I would love to hear how others are using their MyQ plugin for daily life.