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  • Door check/closing event

    Currently I'm using the following event to make sure my garage doors are closed. But it occurs to me that it doesn't handle the case where the door is closing, opening or has an obstacle preventing it from closing.

    I'm not sure that last instance (the obstacle) can be handled.

    Anyway, is this the most reasonable way to make sure the doors are closed? Is there a best practice?
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    You could make it more complicated with nested events and counters to make multiple tries at closing, but what you have seems a good basic check. I would add a 3rd event called from the 1st 2 with a delay of, say, 1 minute: If either door <> closed then send email and/or other notification.


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      I suggest a repeating trigger (say every 5 minutes) and then check if it is nighttime and the door has been opened for at least XX minutes and if all that is true, then close.


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        thnks - I'll do the second event if the doors aren't closed after 5 min


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          Personally I would trigger on Open and not closed. If its 10:00pm and the door is open then close it.
          If it is opening/closing or in some other state use a different event and do some sort of notification as it should require user intervention.
          I have alerts on mine if they are in opening or closing state for more than 3 minutes.

          Depending on the type of door it could be bad if there is an obstruction and you pound away at it with your event. Trust me, I have done this.