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Now blacklisted with new production version

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  • Now blacklisted with new production version

    Was running the beta fine... but LOTS of log messages (per your setting), so I finally got around to installing new production version today. Alas, this is what I see in the log... so maybe this isn't fixed?
    Jan-15 2:13:17 PM MyQ The MyQ API server has rejected our request to sign in. You may be black listed by the MyQ service.
    Jan-15 2:13:03 PM Plug-In Finished initializing plug-in MyQ
    Jan-15 2:13:03 PM Starting Plug-In MyQ loaded in 611 milliseconds
    Jan-15 2:13:03 PM Starting Plug-In Plugin MyQ started successfully in 60 milliseconds

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    kingfetty any thoughts here?

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      Does it repeat this behavior? If you disable for a while does it recover?


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        I was initially blacklisted before the latest update but have not seen any issues since installing it over a week now. Tomgru are you able to change your WAN address by logging into your router and releasing/renewing the DHCP address?


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          Ha... i didn't think to go back a day later. Seems to work fine now. thanks guys!