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Initializing version 1.2020.103.1460 then hangs

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  • Initializing version 1.2020.103.1460 then hangs

    I've installed the latest version (1.2020.103.1460) and for some reason the plugin now looks like it's stalls or hangs with no errors or event updates
    CPU usage is low
    I did do a complete shut down of HS3 deleted all the .dll files and the *.exe including the *.bak files then did a fresh install of the plug-in and still the same issue

    After many hours this is all that is showing up in the command line as I'm running it in developer and debug mode to try to confirm where the issue maybe
    Should I not see it polling the device every 10 mins?

    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | INFO | Plugin: MyQ Instance: starting...
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | INFO | Connecting to server at
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | INFO | Host API Version: 3
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | INFO | Connected, initializing plugin...
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Loglevel set to: Trace
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | INFO | Initializing version 1.2020.103.1460
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Enabled logging to HomeSeer log system
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Reconfigured remote logging destinations
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Configured Remote Logging options
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Exporting images to homeseer\html\images\myq\
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Image export completed
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Creating configuration web page
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Registered single instance configuration page
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Set configruation page url to MyQ
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Registered configuration link menu item
    2020-01-18 18:33:21 | DEBUG | Completed registering configuration page
    2020-01-18 18:33:25 | DEBUG | Initializing MyQ Controller(s)
    2020-01-18 18:33:26 | DEBUG | Initialize LiftMaster Controller. API: LiftMaster,, Pass:XXXXXXXXX, Interval:10000
    2020-01-18 18:33:26 | DEBUG | PolicedHttpClient finished initialization.
    2020-01-18 18:33:26 | DEBUG | Created HTTP client. AppID:JVM/G9Nwih5BwKgNCjLxiFUQxQijAebyyg8QUHr7JOrP+tuPb8iHfRHKwTmDzHOu , User-Agent:2VI87Q3RC2KYQH2XLF6YWE
    2020-01-18 18:33:26 | DEBUG | Started PollTimer
    2020-01-18 18:33:26 | DEBUG | Registered for device change events

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    For all the linux users with the bug where the plugin does not launch and sticks on startup. Please try the new beta. It's an attempt to work around a bug in the System.Net.Http library that Microsoft shipped. I've tested internally, now looking for some Linux users to see if it fixes their startup issue.

    Beta 1.2020.0122.1699 is in the plugin updater.


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      I forgot to mention that I'm running HS3 Pro on windows 10 not on linux
      And should I see something in the log files with some type of status update when the plugin polls MyQ?


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        So, no there's nothing in the log files when MyQ polls the service. There are logs when it logs in and authenticates. The best way to tell what's going on is to look at the debug page of the settings of the plugin.

        What makes you think it's hanging? Does it not create the doors? Does it see anything on the debug page?


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          Here is what I see in the log files after the plug-in starts and the nothing more after that and it does not create the doors in the device list

          Click image for larger version  Name:	image_85608.jpg Views:	4 Size:	37.2 KB ID:	1356968


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            that's not the latest plugin version, make sure you're running the latest.


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              New beta 1.2020.131.1794 in the BETA section of the updater. Need some testers, lots of bug fixes. Gonna test it for a week and then release it.


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                First off I would like to say Thank you
                Beta 1.2020.131.1794 seems to be working fine here in Canada so far
                Device created and working.
                My only question where do you change the status wording
                Currently the status is showing up in HSTouch all lower case
                I did change under device management / status graphics but still showing status wording all lower case.

                Thank you,again