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Upgrade and now broken

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    Upgrade and now broken

    Upgraded to hs3 ver 548 and now myq plugin version 1.2020.103.1460, and my world stopped. My Myq devices were broken. I enabled disabled the plugin several times, restarted HS3 several times, finally went manage the plugin, and told it to reset. Now I have new devices, but they are attached to interface Garage and not Myq, as I remember was the old behavior. Still, no workie and the log informs I may be blacklisted.
    However, I can log into the MyQ app no problem (same network no cellular so same WAN IP) with the same user/password combo, so I am doubtful this message is genuine.

    Just fyi, I shut off the plugins before updating, as is my general m.o. Any suggestions?
    Feb-06 5:35:43 PM MyQ The MyQ API server has rejected our request to sign in. You may be black listed by the MyQ service.
    Feb-06 5:35:28 PM MyQ Initializing version 1.2020.103.1460

    I decided I would disable the plugin for a while and wait. The "thinking" was maybe MYQ server would reset my account. After about 3 hours, I enabled the plugin, and now all seems well, except I have a new device numbers for the Myq devices. Annoying, perhaps self-induced, but now I need to scurry about and chase down device codes in scripts, Html, and events. Worse things can happen.


      Nope not fixed fully. The Status Graphic screens are different for my two openers. The function of values have changed too. Even duplicates entries are present and they are not allowed. Could someone post the proper status grapics settings? Thanks.


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        So you were working before the upgrade to HS3 548 on the old plugin version?

        I'm not sure how that's possible as MyQ changed their API completely a couple months ago and broke almost all connectivity, hence the complete rewrite of the plugin.

        Try the following:
        1. Disable plugin
        2. Remove plugin
        3. Delete any remaining MyQ associated garage door devices
        4. Download the latest Beta version listed under the Beta section of the updater
        5. Enable and test with that, let me know if that helps any. I've worked many fixes into the beta, wondering if you're experiencing something that I may have already patched.