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Great plug-in but encountered issue

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    Great plug-in but encountered issue

    Hi. Apparently the plug-in for some reason got into error loop which repeated every 10 seconds for a couple of _days_ before I discovered it. I had to restart HS and disable / enable the plug-in in some combination before it started working again.

    The sequence repeated every 10 seconds was (from the log):
    11/20/2020 10:56:05 PM MyQ; HTTP Connection Issue: Return Code 0
    11/20/2020 10:56:05 PM MyQ; Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


    1) If you have an error, which was being reported in the log, please set "type/error" to "Error" (not "MyQ") or have "error" in the text so the error can be found with log scanning
    2) The device status was set at "closed" even though there was an error being reported. It should have be set to "offline" or something else.
    3) Then there is the bug itself. What was going on there?
    4) Should the plug-in restart itself if it has a problem for a while??


    Note that in case you are on HS4 there is an HS4 MyQ plugin included. I think jon00 has a plugin to reset plugins... Check his profile to find the URL to his website. You may also search the forum to regarding restarting plugins.