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    Area device update

    Is it normal for "Napco Gemini Area 1" to register a "Device change" every ~30 seconds? I noticed this upon installing Blade's Allonis plugin--the log in his plugin was getting flooded with:

    "2017/11/16 07:50:03 PM Received --> Device change for code: Q2; ref: 16; name: Napco Gemini Area 1; mlcode: Q2"

    every 30 seconds. Then, when I monitored the HS3 device page, I noticed the time under "Last Change" column to continuously update every 30 seconds. Just making sure that the napco plugin is operating appropriately.


    The area device gets data pushed from the Napco keypad bus roughly every one minute and updates PED (plugin extra data) stored in that HS3 device. This data is used for the separate status webpage (PLUG-INS -> Napco Gemini -> Napco Gemini Status) That page exists in HS3 as it was a feature of the old HS2 plugin. You can see these keypad bus updates if you turn on debug logging for the Napco Gemini plugin.

    I just uploaded to the BETA updater which includes a small fix to not update the HS3 device timestamp with each of these PED updates. I had done a similar fix for zones over a year ago. This makes sense to me to not update the HS3 device timestamp just because some PED status data was saved in the off chance you might be using the status web page.

    I can't say if this minor update to avoid timestamp changes will have any effect relative to Blade's plugin. If he's monitoring for device timestamp updates then perhaps this will help the issue. I'm not sure if updating the PED data on the area HS3 device will trigger what he's monitoring for or not?

    Give a shot and let me know what you think

    HS (PRO)
    Hardware: Napco GEM-P9600 | VenstarT1800 w/Insteon 2441V adapter | Insteon PLM
    Plugins HS3: Napco Gemini (mine) | Insteon Thermostat (mine) | Insteon Plug-in (mnsandler) | HSTouch Server (HST)
    Platform: Windows 10 Pro 64bit, core2 duo 2.0Ghz, 4GB memory


      #3 update worked great. Thanks!