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GEM-P1632 wired and wireless sensors

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    GEM-P1632 wired and wireless sensors

    Hello everyone

    I was advised by HomeSeer to post this message in this forum to find if there is a solution to automate that is compatible with my current setup.

    Do you have a solution with step by step instructions on how to integrate GEM-P1632 wired and wireless sensor status with IFTT or basically with any DIY home automation system ?

    I have Hasio and smartthings setup at the moment. However, I am willing to get HomeSeer as well if I can automate without replacing the many wired and wireless sensors that I currently have installed on every door and window

    I was told that there could be a way for HomeSeer to see the status of each zone, and i can use that information to run automation events. Please let me know of my panel is not compatible and if there is any other alternatives out there.

    Please advise

    Thank you

    For this to work you will need the following

    1. A way for HomeSeer to receive status from your alarm panel. My panel for example has an adapter for a serial cable.

    2. You will need a driver for your panel. I do not see any drivers available for the NAPCO Gemini GEM-P1632 so you are probably out of luck.


      Thank you for the prompt reply Does anyone aware of other alternatives that I can explore ?



        This plugin talks to Napco panels that implement their (older) GEM-AUTOMATION protocol. That protocol in older panels (my 9600 panel is circa 2005) was implemented by purchasing an EPROM upgrade then swapping it into your panel and reprogramming everything. Newer panels seem to support some automation features but different people have had various luck (or not) trying to get them to work with this plugin. You typically setup a USB-to-Serial adaptor that then hooks to a serial cable to the panel itself. This can venture a good bit into the hobbyist realm. If you're looking for a more turn-key solution, you might want to reach out to your Napco dealer and ask about their TCP/IP support and newer protocol capabilities. Not sure if that will get you what you want but it might be an easier solution?

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