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  • charlesmbell
    Originally posted by nfrobertson View Post
    (see example scripts if interested in that)

    Where can I find example scripts?

    I am not very good yet, and just looking to use the GUI "run script command" action to basically email and speak the output of one of the new variables.

    Soory for the NEWB question, but I have been searching for basic examples and have not found what I'm looking for,


    UPDATE: Never mind. That was easy. I just added the string above to the body of email and viola.

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  • nfrobertson

    I have just promoted version into the Beta updater. This version includes a new set of Global Variables that can be used in speech and/or email actions. The variable list is shown below. These only latch the "common" events from the panel like open/close zones, arm/disarm areas, alarm. These are basically in line with the LastCommonSecurityEvent which is a public set of properties accessible via scripts and defined in the documentation (see example scripts if interested in that)

    Note that Global Variables are created when the plugin runs and are updated as common events happen. If the plugin is stopped, the last values remain in HS3 until it is stopped/restarted. When HS3 is restarted all Global Variables are lost/reset.

    HS3 Global Variables can be reviewed directly in the HS3 web UI under Tools->Global Variables, Timers & Counters->Global Variables TAB


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  • nfrobertson
    Currently no variables are exposed. I will put it on the list to look into.


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  • Mitch
    started a topic variables for email

    variables for email

    I found this question before in the forum but it was unanswered
    Are there variables available for emails for example who armed or disarmed the system, which zone tripped the alarm, etc. ?

    if there are where can I find the documentation for them

    Thanks in advance

    if I had a son he would be a son of a Mitch