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Alexa commands and HAI Thermostats

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    Originally posted by getmp3s View Post

    So based on above sticky, if i want to control my Omni Thermostat in Google Home, I just need to enable voice for the one labeled "thermostat" (root) at the bottom right?
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    I dont have a Google Home, but this works for an Alexa just fine...
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    HS3Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi3
    64 Z-Wave Nodes, 168 Events, 280 Devices
    UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
    Plugins: Z-Wave, BLRF, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
    HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler


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      I've got a call in to Mark on this. Last I heard, you could only control Lights with a Google Home and HomeSeer.


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        Originally posted by bjhampe View Post
        Last I heard, you could only control Lights with a Google Home and HomeSeer.
        Yes and no, you can control BUTTONS in addition to lights, and so with BUTTONS you can control pretty much anything but you have to back end code it in the Omni what that button will do. Its a lot of work, for example, i can say "turn on kitchen speakers" and it runs a button called "kitchen speakers" which is then a block of code on the Omni to turn on the HI-FI zone and set it to my most commonly used input. I still haven't figured out how to tackle turning off the kitchen speakers yet since you can't "turn off" a button, lol...
        That being said, there is a timeout issue with Google Home at the moment and if you've got more then a dozen or so devices to sync it will timeout and not sync, Homeseer is apparently waiting for Google to fix this, so until then i actually can't sync much to my Google Home anymore. It worked fine last month but then, kaput after i tried to sync more devices and has been down for about 3 weeks now.


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          I've written a button to turn off my Irrigation system on demand. I would imagine you could do the same for any other system. So for your speakers, you'd just make another button that does the turn off task(s).