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OmniPlugin V.26 Thermostat

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  • OmniPlugin V.26 Thermostat

    Just testing one Omnistat 1000 here with V.26 of Omni Plugin. It is serially connected to the OmniPro 2 panel.

    Omnitouch thermostat screens (very simple) reflect status fine.

    Removed Thermostat1 variables, disabled and re-enabled thermostat config switch to test where it recreated all Homeseer 3 variables.


    Here primarily watch but never change thermostat such that mostly only use status of thermostat for Homeseer - Homeseer touch.
    • Thermostat 1 Root Device - if I remove this device all of the rest of the Thermostat 1 devices also get removed - suppose that this is normal
    • Humidity - not utilized
    • Operating State - appears to be working fine and changes when Heat starts and shuts off.
    • Heating Setpoint - appears to work fine when changing heating setpoint on thermostat
    • Cooling Setpoint - have not touched it at this time.
    • Mode - have turned it on or off and appears to work fine
    • Humidity Setpoint - not touched
    • Dehumidify Setpoint - not touched
    • Fan Mode - appears to work fine here.
    • Temperature - appears to work fine here.
    • Hold Mode - status never shows and does not change when I enable or disable hold mode
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    - Pete

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    HS4 Lite -

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    I was able to confirm this as well. I can control the Hold Mode from HomeSeer however the status does not update when changed on the thermostat.