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OmniPro II direct zwave control

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  • OmniPro II direct zwave control

    Just went looking for some replacement Leviton Vizia RF+ switches only to discover that Leviton has been phasing them out in favor of the the new Decora Smart line.

    My understanding (and please correct me if I'm wrong) is that the two lines can co-exist together but new switches are not compatible with Leviton's original 2-way feedback protocol (they do instant status or must be polled, etc).

    If this is in fact the case, does this mean the end of direct zwave control from the Omni Pro via a Leviton VRC0P? Or at least the end of status updates as I don't believe the Omni can poll a zwave network on its own?

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    OmniPro II direct zwave control

    In case anyone's interested- According to Leviton and some other vendors, the new Decora Smart switches can happily co-exist with older Vizia RF+ units and send feedback to the VRC0P.

    The only caveat is that the network must be programmed with the Vizia RF+ installer tool and not the handheld VRCPG-BSG. In addition, your VRC0P needs to have the infamous '3' on the back indicating the last firmware (beaming support) Leviton released.

    Planning on defaulting + redoing my home zwave network to verify this can actually be done.