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Enabling PCA CCTV links using JPEG and MJPEG using Shinobi

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  • Enabling PCA CCTV links using JPEG and MJPEG using Shinobi

    This will be a generic post relating to use of CCTV links and configuration in PCA.

    Currently utilize Zoneminder for CCTV.

    Testing a new mini CCTV program that runs in Ubuntu called Shinobi.

    Here continue to utilize Snaplink and IP Omnitouch screens.

    Tested Shinobi and CCTV links in PCA and a USB webcam. Works great here.

    You are limited with PCA to streaming only 640X480 and using JPEG or MJPEG.

    Testing Hardware:

    1 - Logitech USB webcam
    2 - Linux computer - RPi will work fine
    3 - Omni Pro 2 panel

    Testing Software:

    1 - PCA to configure JPG link (MJPEG and JPG works with Omnitouch screens and JPG only with Snaplink)
    2 - Shinobi CCTV software
    3 - any Linux OS (Stretch or Ubuntu)
    4 - Windows 10

    Here installed Snaplink on Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

    - Pete

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