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    The Ethernet interface and firmware for said interface on the entire Omni line of combo security panels is primitive from the 1990's in design and was not meant to be used as it is being utilized today.

    The access/programming is pretty locked down (because of security) and only HAI or Leviton provide software to program the panel.

    No third party has ever written any software to program the panel when it was still owned by HAI and today by Leviton.

    Way back only Snaplink and Omnitouch and Omnitouch Pro software could access some of the security panel stuff...well like enabling alarm, seeing status et al.

    Before the implentation of the Ethernet port on the Omni panels Homeseer Tink wrote a serial plugin to access the abundant serial based Omni panels.

    That said the panel still lives using a primitive serial bus; much like an automobile or aeroplane today.

    For use of the ethernet port all that is needed is an IP and the two keys to access the ethernet port. All software connecting via the ethernet port has to be configured with the IP of the ethernet port and the two keys. The panel does not do DHCP. Note that the IP of the ethernet port has to reside on your network at home.

    An example would be:

    Your home subnet would be:

    Range of IPs > -
    Gateway IP and DNS could be something like

    A computer on this network would use either DHCP or a static IP between -

    By default most combo ISP routers use the entire subnet for DHCP.

    Ideally maybe here you want to adjust the scope of DHCP to something like: - and use static IPs for -
    and put the IP of the Omni Panel in the static IP range.

    Thinking too you can set a dhcp reservation for the Omni panel even though it is not using DHCP and that would work.

    Most important is that the IP you configure with the OmniPanel reside in the IP subnet you are using at home such that other devices on your network can access the panel.

    You can configure the IP and keys using the installer code which I hope you have for your panel on an Omni Keypad. Typically the alarm user access codes are different than the alarm installer code. IE: the installer menu on the keypad is only accessible using the installer code.

    3rd parties have written interfaces over the last 15 years that let you do basics with the OmniPanel but still not replicating what PC Access does for the installer.

    Rob's Omni Plugin is just that. It is an interface to the Omni panel. It is not a replicate of the PC Access software for installers.

    Personally here have owned PC Acess for Installers since version 1 of said program. If you need help programming your Omni Panel PM me and we can arrange a virtual visit to your panel.

    - Pete

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