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  • OMNI Users and readers

    Today I wanted to trigger a HS3 event when a particular user arrived at a door. In OMNI land each user has a RFID code and when that code is read at a RFID reader then events can be triggered, but I can't see any way to achieve this using the OMNI plugin?

    In the meantime I setup some automation on the OMNI to toggle a unit when a user arrives and then another event on the HS3 to capture that.

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    In the OMNI plugin config page, click on the Locks tab. I think that both access control readers and locks are displayed there as long as they are named in the panel.
    HS3Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi3
    64 Z-Wave Nodes, 168 Events, 280 Devices
    UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
    Plugins: Z-Wave, BLRF, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
    HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler


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      Yep, the locks work fine and they are replicated to HS fine too. I just can't trigger an event on someone using the lock which seems quite useful. In the HAI dealer software, I can setup an event in automation to say if door is unlocked and user is xxxx then... This works well for turning stuff on for particular users, for example when my daughter shows up randomly, it will turn on the heating in her room and the upstairs bathroom etc. This is done via the OMNI panel currently but I'm slowly moving devices off OMNI into HS and this time it was the heating in the bedrooms.

      It would be really nice to have an event, if door x unlocks and user is y then...


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        Ah, I see what you are saying.

        If you could put the plugin in DEBUG mode, then unlock your door with a particular user, I can take a look at the logs and see what I can do. Post the logs here or email them following the instructions in the sticky section.
        HS3Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi3
        64 Z-Wave Nodes, 168 Events, 280 Devices
        UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
        Plugins: Z-Wave, BLRF, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
        HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler


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          Cool. So the log file is

          PHP Code:
          30/11/2018 15:56:23 [2]  [---->Zone]
          30/11/2018 15:56:23 [2]  [ZONE:  zone=[]  number=[13]  status=[NOT READY]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:23 [2]  [Zone [13]  status=[1]  [1]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:23 [2]  [MapZoneStatus_V2zoneId=[13status=[1zoneChanged=[Falseannotation=[Z13statusText=[NOT READYzoneType=[0zoneTypeText=[EntryExitname=[FRONT DOORarea=[1analogLoop=[252isNamed=[TruelastStatus=[0lastStatusText=[] statusLastChangeDate=[30/11/2018 15:56:23isSecurityZone=[TrueisArmingZone=[TruehsDeviceRef=[20hsParentRef=[3temperature=[0humidity=[0currentCondition=[0currentStatusText=[NOT READYhsZoneStatus=[0lowSetpoint=[0]  highsetpoint=[0]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:23 [2]  [NOT READY]
          30/11/2018 15:56:23 [2]  [--> Zone 13 changed status.  Updating Homeseer...]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [UNSOLICITEDExtendedStatus]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [---->Zone]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [ZONE:  zone=[]  number=[13]  status=[SECURE]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [Zone [13]  status=[0]  [0]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [MapZoneStatus_V2zoneId=[13status=[0zoneChanged=[Falseannotation=[Z13statusText=[SECUREzoneType=[0zoneTypeText=[EntryExitname=[FRONT DOORarea=[1analogLoop=[148isNamed=[TruelastStatus=[0lastStatusText=[] statusLastChangeDate=[30/11/2018 15:56:27isSecurityZone=[TrueisArmingZone=[TruehsDeviceRef=[20hsParentRef=[3temperature=[0humidity=[0currentCondition=[0currentStatusText=[SECUREhsZoneStatus=[2lowSetpoint=[0]  highsetpoint=[0]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [SECURE]
          30/11/2018 15:56:27 [2]  [--> Zone 13 changed status.  Updating Homeseer...]
          30/11/2018 15:56:29 [2]  [UNSOLICITEDExtendedStatus]
          30/11/2018 15:56:29 [2]  [---->AccessControlReader]
          30/11/2018 15:56:30 [2]  [UNSOLICITEDExtendedStatus]
          30/11/2018 15:56:30 [2]  [---->AccessControlLock]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [UNSOLICITEDExtendedStatus]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [---->Zone]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [ZONE:  zone=[]  number=[13]  status=[NOT READY]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [Zone [13]  status=[1]  [1]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [MapZoneStatus_V2zoneId=[13status=[1zoneChanged=[Falseannotation=[Z13statusText=[NOT READYzoneType=[0zoneTypeText=[EntryExitname=[FRONT DOORarea=[1analogLoop=[252isNamed=[TruelastStatus=[0lastStatusText=[] statusLastChangeDate=[30/11/2018 15:56:31isSecurityZone=[TrueisArmingZone=[TruehsDeviceRef=[20hsParentRef=[3temperature=[0humidity=[0currentCondition=[0currentStatusText=[NOT READYhsZoneStatus=[0lowSetpoint=[0]  highsetpoint=[0]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [NOT READY]
          30/11/2018 15:56:31 [2]  [--> Zone 13 changed status.  Updating Homeseer...]
          30/11/2018 15:56:35 [2]  [UNSOLICITEDExtendedStatus]
          30/11/2018 15:56:35 [2]  [---->AccessControlLock]
          30/11/2018 15:56:36 [2]  [UNSOLICITEDExtendedStatus]
          30/11/2018 15:56:36 [2]  [---->Zone]
          30/11/2018 15:56:36 [2]  [ZONE:  zone=[]  number=[13]  status=[SECURE]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:36 [2]  [Zone [13]  status=[0]  [0]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:36 [2]  [MapZoneStatus_V2zoneId=[13status=[0zoneChanged=[Falseannotation=[Z13statusText=[SECUREzoneType=[0zoneTypeText=[EntryExitname=[FRONT DOORarea=[1analogLoop=[148isNamed=[TruelastStatus=[0lastStatusText=[] statusLastChangeDate=[30/11/2018 15:56:36isSecurityZone=[TrueisArmingZone=[TruehsDeviceRef=[20hsParentRef=[3temperature=[0humidity=[0currentCondition=[0currentStatusText=[SECUREhsZoneStatus=[2lowSetpoint=[0]  highsetpoint=[0]]
          30/11/2018 15:56:36 [2]  [SECURE
          Zone 13 is the front door open/close zone, and there's a reader on that door. The first part of the log is where I went out through the door, then used my fob to unlock and re-enter. The omni event log shows

          "2 30/11 15:56 Richard GRANTED ACCESS TO FRONT DOOR"

          In Dealer PC Access to work around it I have

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot 2018-11-30 at 16.08.55.png
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          But it would be preferable to have an 'action' in HS3 events to do the same if possible?


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            Yep - I can add this to my list, but it will be a while before I can get to it...
            HS3Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi3
            64 Z-Wave Nodes, 168 Events, 280 Devices
            UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
            Plugins: Z-Wave, BLRF, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
            HSTouch Clients: 3 Android, 1 Joggler