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  • Omni to HS Communication - ZWave

    About to spend more time with ramping up my install of Omni Pro II and Homeseer over the holiday time off. The OMNI for HS3 has worked great for everything I've needed so far, but a question concerning communication.

    My initial install was the Omni Pro II, along with a remote expansion box, UPB light dimmers, and an HAI wireless zone receiver. All my programming was in PC Access for the Omni. I added the HomeSeer controller to be able to use Alexa voice commands, try out some ZWave devices and determine if I want to use HSTouch for my screen interface.

    So...I can control every device on my system through the OMNI and PC Access...except for ZWave devices that are a direct connect to the HS controller (lights and some door locks). Is there anyway I can incorporate the ZWave devices on the HS controller in my OMNI/PC Access programming? Or will I have to split my programming between the two controllers? Thanks!

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    You'll probably find yourself programming on both sides. The OMNI plugin gives the HS3 world excellent access to the world of OmniPro II, but the reverse is not true.

    The Z-Wave plugin which is included with HS3 provides tight HS3 coupling with Z-Wave devices, and the OMNI plugin extends HS3 reach to the OmniPro II, so the view from the HS3 cockpit is fairly comprehensive. However, I think that most of us continue to rely on PC Access programming of the OP II for basic security functions, partly because, for what it does, it is rock solid. Also, the OP II is tightly coupled to whatever HAI/Leviton user interface panel(s) you are using, and you don't want to degrade that capability.

    I think you will find in most specific situations that it's pretty easy to determine where you want to put the control.

    BTW, others have posted a really neat feature of the OMNI plugin that you'll want for yourself. The OP II clock tends to drift over time. HS3 does not, because it synchronizes regularly with Internet time sources. The OMNI plugin lets you synchronize OP II with HS3 time by programming a simple repetitive event. Works great!


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      Thanks for confirming what I was thinking - that I'd be splitting the programming. And appreciate you passing along that OP II clock sync trick!