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Can Homeseer make the Omni speak or perform an action?

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    Can Homeseer make the Omni speak or perform an action?

    My Omni can say things via the speakers in the keypads (like reminding us when to take the recycling out or telling us the garage door is open). My Zee2 is not connected to a speaker and doesn't speak very well anyway.
    When the Omni detects something like an open door, the app makes it is easy to have the ZEE2 do something like turn on a light. But is there a way to go the other direction so that when, for example, a motion sensor or leak detector connected to the Zee2 senses something it can make the Omni do something like speak a message such as "there is a leak in the attic"?
    The issue seems to be that the app causes Homeseer to import all the devices and sensors from the Omni, but the Omni does not know about the devices and sensors connected to the Zee2. Maybe I am missing something and there is a way to do this.

    See if you can create a Flag or Button on the Omni. Use the Omni programming to announce when one of those are 'set'. You can then set them from HS to make it announce.
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