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Omni Notifier 20A30-1 is No Longer Available

By Stephen Hoh
May 28, 2019

Last week, WD (Worthington) was expecting a lot of Omni Notifiers. The news came from Leviton CS, that there was no stock left. When the order was placed, the portal showed sufficient inventory, but either the portal was wrong or someone placed a large order before WD.

This is just part of the continued phasing-out of the Omni systems. As Leviton’s press release stated, they have stopped production. All that willbe made has been made. Shortages will be part of the process.

A Notifier Substitute

The good news is that there is already a solution in place to send notifications from the Omni. If you have been paying attention to the technical bulletins, you would be aware of the HomeSeer solution to add voice control to an Omni. Well, that same product will also add notifications.

Third Party Solutions

It is great to see how some third party vendors are stepping in to fill the void left when an Omni-related product is no longer available. PCS did so in a big way.

Now, HomeSeer’s Omni support is helping to resolve the Notifier absence.