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Controlling my Z-Wave network with OmniPro via VRC0P-1LW

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  • Controlling my Z-Wave network with OmniPro via VRC0P-1LW

    Hi guys. I have used an OmniPro and UPB for years in my last home, so I am fairly familiar with the OmniPro side. Now in my new home, I decided I liked HomeSeer for all the flixibllity, so I have purchased the Zee S2, a handful of HomeSeer switches, etc. I believe I have this figured out fairly well so far. Now, I still like OmniPro for the reliable alarm and still fairly open format and flexible programming.... so I also have the OmniPro. I'm trying to tie it all together now. I purchased the Leviton CRC0P-1LW (Vizia RF + 3). I was able to add it to the existing Z-Wave network via the Z-Tool+ and it came in as a controller and shows up in my HomeSeer device list as node 15.

    At this point, I'm not sure I am doing things right becuase various documents say I now need to update all the already existing nodes of the network to this device... I don't quite understand why and how..... Need help here.

    I did connect the VRC0P-1LW to one of my OmniPro serial connections, setup the serial connection to be of the Z-Wave type. I thought maybe I just start naming some lights and selecting the correct node in OmniPro, but that isn't allowing me to actually control any of my lights, despite looking like it is.... Also need help here.

    What am I missing? All help is appreciate greatly.