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Duplicate Devices from OMNI

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  • Duplicate Devices from OMNI

    In my homeseer list of OMNI devices, there 11 devices with a room label of OMNI or OMNI SYSTEM. They ares shown in the insert below . Each of the 11 devices appear three times as homeseer devices each with different Q numbers.
    I cannot find any of these devices in the OMNI CONFIG.

    I must have been having some issues back on 12/5/18 because one group of the 11 devices shows a last change date of 5/12/18 at 7:22am, the next group of 11 devices has a last change date of 5/12/18 at 8:13am and the third group has a last change date of 5/12/18 at 4:37pm.

    Can I delete the two each of the three homeseer devices for each of the 11 OMNI devices? If so, which of the duplicate homeseer devices should i delete for each of the 11 OMNI devices? I am guessing I should the delete the two earliest groups from homeseer.


    Click image for larger version

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    Yes - you can safely remove any duplicates. Use the bulk action at the top of the device screen to get them all at once.
    I'm not entirely sue why it duplicated them though. The devices are created if they dont already exist.
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      Thanks, that worked. The issue was probably something I did last year