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Omni Devices not showing up in HS4 when trying to create a new event

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  • Omni Devices not showing up in HS4 when trying to create a new event

    Good afternoon, I recently upgraded from HS3 to HS4 to attempt to solve a HomeSeer Windows Pro lockup issue that happens about every 3 days. Today I installed HS4 pro, the latest version, hoping to see a different problem but no luck. I dont know if this is an Omni Plug-in, a HS4 issue or something I am doing but I thought I should post my issue here.

    I followed the instruction to backup HS3, uninstall and install HS4. On startup everything loads fine. However, when trying to modify or create a new event, the devices are not displayed. I must select an Omni root device and from there I can see the door, window, motion devices. However, when I select the child, like a motion detector, the only option I have is to bypass or restore. I have messed around with this for a couple of weeks and just dont have time to deal with it. I fell back to HS3 Pro and everything is working normally.

    I am going to post the same thing on the HS4 forum. BTW, timers and counters do not appear in the drop down of HS4 and I cannot control or create new ones either. I personally think this is an HS4 upgrade issue and not an Omni Plug-in.
    Please let me know if others have similar issues when upgrading.

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    I ran into the same thing. Kinda stupid but that's the way HS4 works.
    You have to select the root device, as you said, then the child device.
    The reason I couldn't do anything with the child devices was I used to use a space for the floor in HS3 (single floor home so why have floors?), and HS4 also doesn't like the space. I had to assign all devices to a floor. I just used the number "1" so it's not that bad.
    Do you have floors assigned?


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      Yeah, HS4 is much different in how you select the devices to control. The good news is that the plugin appears to work, just a little different UI on the HS4 side.
      HS3Pro Running on a Raspberry Pi3
      64 Z-Wave Nodes, 168 Events, 280 Devices
      UPB modules via OMNI plugin/panel
      Plugins: Z-Wave, BLRF, OMNI, HSTouch, weatherXML, EasyTrigger
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        Thanks Demusman, I have all devices on a floor called main. I believe you are on to something though. my device names do not repeat information in the name field. For example, in Lutron Caseta lighting, i have 3 living room lights. The room field has living room for all three but the names are main, accent and lamp. the floor is main for all three. When these show up in the HS4 display it is very hard to discern the difference. I see something like Main, Main, Lamp. I believe many people will repeat the floor and room in the name field and this may be part of my problem. Regardless, the parent/child relationship of my Omni devices is my biggest issue and not being able to figure out how to control them. If it is working correctly, it is not very intuitive. The other issue I have has to do with timers. The fact that my timers do not work in HS4 and that I cannot create new timers that show up in the event creation screen suggest I have bigger issues. I will work with HS3 support to get my HS3 installation stable and then move back to HS4. FYI I go into more detail in a separate response posted a few minutes ago. Thank you