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Triggering a CO Alarm on Elk from ISY Sensors

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  • Triggering a CO Alarm on Elk from ISY Sensors

    I have some CO sensors connected to my ISY (Insteon) controller.

    I'd like to have them trigger the Elk's CO alarm if they go off. So it can be reported to the central station, but also so I can display that on HS Touch.

    I can't trigger the Area into Alarm/CO directly it seems, so I was wondering if I could create a dummy Zone on Elk, definition CO, normally open, and then when ISY reports the CO detector as tripped use HS (or I guess I could do it in ISY really) to trigger the zone, setting off the CO alarm.

    Any reason I shouldn't do that?

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    Sounds like it'd work to me. I'd just be very hesitant to use it as the elk is a UL listed life saving device and you're likely mixing in some stuff that is not made for the same purpose. Just my opinion though, if you've already got CO detection in your house, and this is in addition to that, I see no issues with that

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      Thanks Jon. It's really just for notification, the CO detectors will alarm, I just want the Elk to know there's a CO alarm going on.

      I suppose I could use a variable on ISY to display the CO alarm on HS Touch instead, but given I have Elk showing Area Current Alarm State, setting off a CO zone will make that read the right text, and not change where it's coming from.



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        You can do the research, but there is a device made by one of the smoke detector companies that will allow you to directly connect the detectors with the device to the ELK input.

        Just contact like Kiddy and they will refer you to the device. Lowes sells it.
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          Interesting device -

          I have First Alert, not Kidde, and battery not 120V, but good device to know about as it could be useful for other things too.